New Introducing Loger - The Digital Home Management System

The Digital Home Management System.

Manage Finance, Meals, Chores and more all in one place

Why loger?

Managing home is almost like being CEO of a company. There's a lot of things going on that you have to keep in mind. Things like budget, expenses, subscriptions to keep healthy financial habits managing goals/savings like emergency fund or planning your next vacations or Christmas; having a Meal Plan, grocery list generated with the things you need... well, you get the point.

All the things mentioned above are part of our family/personal routine. We do it in our minds, paper or different applications. Loger aims to be a central point to manage all that an more.

Manage your home with confidence.

Loger make the tools across 4 concerns that not only help you plan every decision but also roll with the punches

💵 Finance

So simple that even your ma can use it. It just works™

  • Monthly Budget
  • Watchlists
  • Transactions
  • Trends
  • Scheduled transactions
USD$ 3,500.00


Sept: 0%
USD$ 500.00


Total: USD$ 1,000.00


USD$ 1,500.00
Sept.: 50%
50 % of $3,000.00


$ 500.00 of $ 500.00


$ 532.00 of $ 532.00


$ 20.00

$ 12.00

🍗 Meal Planning

So simple that even your ma can use it. It just works™

  • Recipes
  • Ingredients
  • Meal Planner
  • Random Meal Generator
  • Multi Menu
Get random meal

Menu for today

Omelette with Cheese


Arroz, habichuela y Carne de pollo


Fritos con salami


🏡 Home/Family Projects

So simple that even your ma can use it. It just works™

  • Chores
  • Occurrence Checks
  • Plans (Events and activities / Repairs / ETC)
  • Quick Create Budget from plans
  • Quick Create Transactions from plans
  • Equipment

Try Loger for free.

Self-hosted version

Keep your data for you and get started with Loger. Either as a Docker Image or a traditional LEMP stack.
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Online demo

See the simplicity for yourself in a fully functional private cloud installation.
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